Sadler House

Sadler House

Rockland, Maine

Bedtime Story: Legends of the Owls Head Light

October 23, 2022 | Comments Off on Bedtime Story: Legends of the Owls Head Light

As the third in my sleepy series about the lighthouses of Maine, this seasonal tale about the spirits (and legends) of the Owls Head Light is perfect for October. Travel along with Emma as she listens to some cozy fireside tales about one of our favorite lighthouses. If you know Rockland well, you may even be able to spot a favorite local bakery in the beginning!

For people who love the midcoast, I hope I’ve done our ghosts justice! Link to the YouTube channel here or follow Get Sleepy on any podcast platform! If you like this story, check out my prior ones about the Portland Head Light and the Rockland Breakwater Light.