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From Curbside to Cozy: Master Bed Makeover

Every trash day, my son notices that I drive more slowly down our neighborhood street. I was mortified the day he said “Are you looking for stuff for the house?”


I’m pretty choosy (and a little sheepish) about grabbing discarded items off the curb, but this is what I figure: curbside finds are both free and ecologically friendly! Furthermore, you sometimes come upon a gem you wouldn’t know where to find anywhere else.

When we were decorating Sadler House on a budget, we talked a lot about how we could make our master bedroom more elegant without shelling out the big bucks for a headboard. Of course, there are tons of headboard tutorials on Pinterest, but we were hesitant to take any of these projects on with so little experience.

Then, one trash day, I saw this odd piece of heavy, overly decorative fabulousness on the curb.

Dark and overwhelming, but full of possibilities!

Dark and overwhelming, but full of possibilities!

I furtively grabbed it off the trash pile and threw it in the back of my car. When I showed it to my husband, he was dubious. What did I think I was going to do with it? I shrugged. “Hang it on the wall?”

He was skeptical.

It was about this time that I discovered Annie Sloan® chalk paint. I decided that this piece would be so much less oppressive if it were white. What if I messed it up? Well, it didn’t matter, since it was free, after all.

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Tray Table Hack

If there’s one thing that annoys me when I’m trying to relax, it’s not having somewhere to put down my glass.

Sometimes it’s just WATER, people. No need to make jokes!

Having the right coaster is great, but isn’t it irritating when there’s no bedside table or no end table near you? I just hate having to put my drink on the floor. Inevitably, my kids end up kicking it over.

We’ve been struggling to find lots of affordable, cute little tables so that visitors to Sadler House never have their drinks kicked over. A few weeks ago, my husband hauled this tray table out of our coat closet and said “Can we just trash this?”

tray table before makeover

Box store beauty, right here.

“Uh-uh!!!” I countered. That post-college-box-store-lived-with-me-through-my-twenties tray table? It was perfect for one or two drinks. I was going to make that table over.

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