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Bake it Happen for Cancer Research!

October 6, 2017 | Comment

At a time in life when so many of my friends lament getting older, I’m starting to feel pretty darn grateful. So many friends and acquaintances have been touched by the tragedy of cancer. With great care, some prevail. Others are not so fortunate. Hating cancer and the toll it takes on family and friends is one thing we can all agree on right now.

This month, the women behind the Bake it Happen campaign asked me if I’d be willing to participate in a fundraiser for metastatic breast cancer research, and even before I found out that it involved cupcakes, I said “absolutely!” All I had to do was bake some delicious goodies, share my photos with family and friends, and for every photo I posted of my baking project, the Bake it Happens sponsor would donate $5 to The Cancer Couch Foundation.

To date, the Bake it Happen campaign has raised over $60,000 for breast cancer research. Well, even if I only raised $5 more, that seemed like the least I could do.

How I Bake it Happen

There are four recipes we were able to choose from, and I went straight for the chocolate. I chose Judy’s Black Bottom Cupcakes, named after the woman whose struggle with breast cancer inspired the campaign. Apparently, she was an amazing baker, and these cupcakes really proved that! Mine didn’t turn out looking exactly like the photo by the recipe, but nobody asked me to bake perfectly…they just asked me to bake. Perfection was absolutely not required, right?

Bake it Happen

Deliciousness – Bake it Happen

My husband ate two of these when he got home, but I didn’t catch him for a picture. We spread the love and made him the most popular guy in the office the next day by sending these to work with him.

How You Can Help

Sharing is the name of the game. Please go grab your own favorite from these four recipes, try it out, and share your pictures on social media.

Every time you share your photo, metastatic breast cancer research will get a boost. Just follow the directions at the link and your share will make a difference.

If baking isn’t your thing, you can still help raise money by simply donating right to The Cancer Couch. Or do both!

If you need me, I’ll be over here eating cupcakes…

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